Portrait Sitting Options

Creating your portrait involves craftsmanship and knowledge as well as time and materials. The sitting fee is based on the number of images from which you will have to select your favorite poses. You may decide which sitting best suits your needs. However, remember that the more images taken the greater the variety from which you will choose your favorites. A session is good for only one group of people.

5 Previews - Very basic session,                                                 $ 89

                        Includes one 8x10 Portrait.

10 Previews - Moderate session, can include a clothing change.          $ 160

                        Includes two 8x10 Portraits or equivalent.

20 Previews - Complete session, can include a clothing change.          $ 230

                        Includes three 8x10 Portraits or equivalent.


Wall Portrait Finishes

Heirloom Canvas : Precisely hand crafted, the Heirloom Portrait is permanently embedded in canvas. Brush stroke texture is added to give the feeling of an oil painted portrait. The depth and brilliance of the Heirloom Portrait is unsurpassed !

Salon Canvas : The Salon Portrait is permanently embedded in canvas and sealed with a clear protective lacquer coating. This finish is the same as the Heirloom Canvas without the brush stroke technique.

Standard Satin : The Standard Portrait finish features a smooth satin finish. Wall portraits 11x14 and larger are sealed with a clear protective lacquer coating and mounted on rigid art board, ready for framing.

      Size          Heirloom Canvas        Salon Canvas       Standard  Satin

40x60             $ 922                     $ 817                 $ 710

30x40                719                       616                    513

24x30                 558                      470                   378

20x24                 450                      376                   298

16x20                  341                      282                   218

11x14                   220                      168                   145

8x10                   140                       92                    49

5x7 (2)                  -----                       -----                    49

4x5 (4)                  -----                       -----                    49

Wallet (8)               -----                       -----                    49

NOTE: As shown above prints smaller than 8x10 must be made in the following units from the same pose.

5x7's - Multiples of two 4x5's - Multiples of four Wallet's - Multiples of eight


Portrait Packages

FOR your convenience and savings, we offer special portrait packages. In order to take advantage of these prices, all the portraits in any package must be from the same pose. This represents a substantial savings from the a la carte prices!

The portrait units below may be substituted for each other in any package.

(1) 8x10 = (2) 5x7's = (4) 4x5's = (8) Wallets

    Package                                 Contents                           Package Price

        I.                         (3) 8x10's, (6) 5x7's, (16) Wallet                $ 325

        II.                        (2) 8x10's, (4) 5x7's, (8) Wallet                  $ 214

        III.                       (1) 8x10's (6) 5x7's, (8) Wallet                   $ 214

        IV.                       (1) 8x10's, (2) 5x7's, (8) Wallet                  $ 132

        V.                        (4) 5x7's, (8) Wallet                               $ 132

You may add the portrait units below to the above packages at an even greater savings! You must use the same pose as the package.

(1)8x10 $ 43   (2)5x7's $ 43   (4)4x5 $ 43   (8)Wallet $ 43   (24)Wallet $ 58   (48)Wallet $ 62

Terms and Policies

1. The sitting fee is due at the time of the session.

2. If you wish to take the images home, a $ 200 non-refundable deposit is required which is applied to your enlargement order. This does not constitute a purchase of the images. You must return the images and place your order within four weeks or you may be billed at the rate of $ 15 per image.

3. A 50% deposit is due when you place your order. PA sales tax is applicable to all sales.

4. The balance is due upon delivery of the finished portraits. No order leaves the studio without payment in full.

5. Images are loaned to you for your selection of final portrait prints. They are not retouched to soften blemishes or harsh lines.

6. Images must be returned to the studio when you place your portrait order. They may be purchased individually or as a set, with a minimum $ 200 order.

7. Preview purchase $ 15.00 each.

Glasses can pose a great problem for portrait photographers. Sometimes we can not use the best lighting techniques because distortion and glare will not allow it. We highly recommend that you obtain a pair of matching empty frames from your eye care specialist in order to avoid problems. It's a pain, but well worth the effort.